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Important Dates


June 25, 2009 (23:59 PST)

Author notification

July 20, 2009

Final manuscript

August 1, 2009

Videos are an important means of visualizing the results of research and development efforts. In Ubicomp 2009, we welcome the contribution of videos which demonstrate the practical application of research results and the functionality of ubiquitous computing systems, visualize the outcome of research and development projects, or describe inspiring visions of future systems that are grounded in today′s reality.

We encourage the submission of videos either as new material or as supplemental to paper submissions (e.g. in order to illustrate particular aspects of a system). In order to be eligible, videos should not have been previously presented in any other formal video program. In addition, a video (with audio soundtrack) must be self-explanatory without requiring the viewer to read the abstract. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • New technologies, infrastructures and architectures of ubiquitous computing systems
  • Ubiquitous computing technologies, systems, devices and applications
  • Practical application and evaluation of design frameworks and guidelines for the development and deployment of ubiquitous computing systems
  • Tools, techniques and methodologies that can be used for the development and evaluation of ubiquitous computing systems and applications
  • User studies of life within ubiquitous computing environments and adoption of ubiquitous computing paradigm
  • Novel interfaces, dialog systems and types of interaction between people and ubiquitous computing environments
  • Special purpose ubiquitous computing systems such as social systems, awareness systems, e-health systems, smart classrooms etc
  • Controversial and/or thought-provoking scenarios showing the reciprocal relationship between social issues like privacy, security, trust, equality etc. and deployed ubiquitous computing systems

Accepted video formats are: MPEG1 and MPEG2, AVI file with MPEG4 (DivX codecs) and Apple QuickTime with high resolution. MPEG2 format is strongly encouraged. Video submissions should be 4 to 8 minutes long and at least 320x240 in size. Video file size may not exceed 150 MB. Videos will be judged primarily on the clarity of their presentation, and the structure and quality of their content, with fancy effects being a welcome but secondary consideration.

In addition to submitting a video file, authors have to submit a short paper with a maximum of 4 pages. The papers should be formatted according to this required template and submitted together with the video in PDF format.

If the video is accepted, a high quality format, suitable for DVD production, will be required for the final version. The authors will have to grant Ubicomp 2009 the right to redistribute it freely, thus it must not contain any material subject to copyright. For accepted contributions, the short video paper will be published in the adjunct proceedings of Ubicomp 2009, which will be available in printed form at the conference, as well as electronically on the conference web site; they will not be incorporated into the main Ubicomp 2009 Conference Proceedings.

If authors have any queries regarding potential submissions, including copyright, please contact the Ubicomp 2009 video co-chairs ( Videos and video abstracts should both be uploaded through the Ubicomp 2009 Videos submission page (

Ubicomp 2009 Video Co-Chairs

Achilles Kameas, Hellenic Open University and Computer Technology Institute, Greece

Christian Kray, Newcastle University, UK

Formats Accepted

  • MPEG (MPEG1 and MPEG2)
  • AVI with MPEG4
  • QuickTime

Abstract Page limit

  • 4 pages

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Ubicomp 2009 is locally organized by the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida.




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