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Workshop Programs

All workshops will take place Wednesday, September 30, 2009. Workshops 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 are full day (8:30-17:00). Workshop 4 is half day (8:30-12:30).

Workshop 1: The 2nd International Workshop on Mobile Entity Localization and Tracking in GPSless Environments (MELT 2009)


Salon 1


Richard Fuller (Wireless Communications Alliance, USA )
Xenofon Koutsoukos (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Ying Zhang (Palo Alto Research Center)
Andras Nadas (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Isaac Amundson (Vanderbilt University, USA)

Accepted Papers

MGALE: A Modified Geometry-Assisted Location Estimation Algorithm Reducing Location Estimation Error in 2D Case under NLOS Environments

Pampa Sadhukhan (Jadavpur University), Pradip K. Das (Mody Institute of Technology & Science)

Predicting User-Cell Association in Cellular Networks from Tracked Data

Katerina Dufkova (Czech Technical University in Prague), Jean-Yves Le Boudec (EPFL), Lukas Kencl (Czech Technical University in Prague), Milan Bjelica (University of Belgrade)

Discovering Significant Places from Mobile Phones -- a Mass Market Solution

Guang Yang (Nokia Research Center)

Adaptive Motion Model for a Smart Phone based Opportunistic Localization System

Maarten Weyn (Artesis University College of Antwerp & University of Antwerp), Martin Klepal, Widyawan (Cork Institute of Technology)

Model-free probabilistic localization of wireless sensor network nodes in indoor environments

Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis, Keyong Li, Dong Guo (Boston University)

A Calibration-Free Localization Solution for Handling Signal Strength Variance

Fangfang Dong, Yiqiang Chen, Junfa Liu, Qiong Ning, Songmei Piao (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Indoor Location and Orientation Determination for Wireless Personal Area Networks

Zekeng Liang, Ioannis Barakos, Stefan Poslad (Queen Mary, University of London)

Localize Vehicles using Wireless Traffic Sensors

Peng Zhuang, Yi Shang (University of Missouri)

On the Feasibility of Determining Angular Separation in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Isaac Amundson, Manish Kushwaha, Xenofon Koutsoukos (Vanderbilt University)

Controlling Error Propagation in Mobile-Infrastructure Based Localization

Ying Zhang, Juan Liu (Palo Alto Research Center Inc.)

Estimation of Indoor Physical Activity Level Based on Footstep Vibration Signal Measured by MEMS Accelerometer for in Smart Home Environments

Heyoung Lee (Seoul National University of Technology), Jung Wook Park (Ajou University), Abdelsalam(Sumi) Helal (University of Florida)

Inferring Motion and Location using WLAN RSSI

Kavitha Muthukrishnan, Berend Jan van der Zwaag, Paul Havinga (University of Twente)

WASP: An Enhanced Indoor Locationing Algorithm for a Congested Wi-Fi Environment

Hsiuping Lin, Ying Zhang, Martin Griss, Ilya Landa (Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley)

A Long-Duration Study of User-Trained 802.11 Localization

Andrew Barry, Benjamin Fisher, Mark L. Chang (F. W. Olin College of Engineering)


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Workshop 2: 3rd International Workshop on Design and Integration Principles for Smart Objects (DIPSO 2009)


Cape Cod A


Fahim Kawsar (Lancaster University, UK )
Gerd Kortuem (Lancaster University, UK)
Jin Nakazawa (Keio University, Japan)
Kaori Fujinami (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
Jong Hyuk Park (Kyungnam University, Korea)

Accepted Papers

Atlas: An Open Model for Automatic Integration and Tele-programming of Smart Objects

Chao Chen, Raja Bose and Sumi Helal (University of Florida)

Design Issues of Smart Objects in Activity-based Micro Pricing Systems

Hitoshi Ito, Tetsuo Yamabe and Tatsuo Nakajima (Waseda University)

Smart Corridor: Development of Smart Space for Corridors and Public Streets

Masaki Ogawa, Jumpei Yamamoto, Yoshiyuki Tokuda, Takatoshi Kanazawa, Naoki Nakagawa, Masaki Ito, Soko Aoki, Hiroto Aida, Jin Nakazawa, Kazunori Takashio and Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University)

Ontology-based reuse in Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Lambrini Seremeti and Achilles Kameas (Hellenic Open University)

Designing Interactions for Smart Objects with Flows

Fahim Kawsar and Gerd Kortuem (Lancaster University)


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Workshop 3: Globicomp 2009 - Taking Ubicomp Beyond Developed Worlds. A workshop in conjunction with Ubicomp 2009


Salon 2


Matt Jones (FIT LAB, Swansea University, Wales, UK)
Gary Marsden (Computer Science, UCT , South Africa)

Accepted Papers

Designing for Homeless Young People: Precaution in Ubiquitous Computing

Jill Palzkill Woelfer and David G. Hendry (University of Washington)

Small Hammers and Silver Bullets

Julie Maitland (NRC-IIT) and Katie A. Siek (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Application for Freelance Truck Drivers in India

Shweta Sali and Anirudha Joshi (IIT Bombay)

A Market Anywhere: Establishing an SMS-based Virtual Market in Developing Regions

Ryo Kawaguchi, Shameem Ahmed, Aukrit Unahalekhaka, Ang Pan, Roy Campbell (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)

A Development Perspective on the Challenges in Implementing ‘Auto-Identification’ of Products

Ann Light (Sheffield Hallam University)

Making Computer-based Cognitive Stimulation Technologies accessible to Illiterate Elders

Victoria Meza-Kubo (UABC), Alberto L. Morán (CICESE), Marcela D. Rodriguez (UABC)

MDphone: A Doctor’s Tools in a Phone

Gaetano Borriello and Waylon Brunette (University of Washington)

Ubicomp from the Edge of the North Atlantic: Lessons from Fishing Villages in Iceland and Newfoundland

Hrönn Brynjarsdóttir and Phoebe Sengers (Cornell)

Four Frames of Social Software Use by Mobile-centric Internet Users

Jonathan Donner (Microsoft Research India) and Shikoh Gitau (University of Cape Town)

Legitimacy at the Outskirts: Categories, Use, and Adoption in Marginal Communities

Christopher A. Le Dantec (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Saral: Devanagari Text Input System in Mobile Phones

Anshuman Kumar, Hemruchi Shah, Anirudha Joshi (IIT Bombay)

Design Charrettes as a Resource: A Case Study with Students at the University of Nairobi

Susan P. Wyche (Georgia Institute of Technology)


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Workshop 4: Hybrid Design Practice


Cape Cod B


Eric Baumer (University of California, Irvine)
Johanna Brewer (FreStyl)
Barry Brown (University of California, San Diego)
Lucian Leahu (Cornell University)
Silvia Lindtner (University of California, Irvine)
Karen Martin (University College London)

Accepted Papers

Ubiquitous Urban Game

Simona Sofronie (Universitaire Campus Agoralaan), Oswald Devisch

Critical Making: conceptual and material studies in technology and social life

Matt Ratto (University of Toronto)

Airy Notes Project: Creating Landscape Planning Method for the Ubicomp World

Masaki Ito (Keio University), Yukiko Katagiri (University of Toronto), Mikiko Ishikawa, Hideyuki Tokuda


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Workshop 5: Architectural Robotics: An Emerging Case of Ubiquitous Computing in the Built Environment (ArchiBots 2009)


Salon 3


Keith Evan Green (Clemson University, USA )
Mark D. Gross (Carnegie Mellon University, USA )

Post Workshop Video

Architectural Robotics in 2019: "Visions" from the Archibots Workshop

Keith Evan Green (Clemson University, USA) and Mark D. Gross (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) -- workshop organizers.

   Watch the Video

Accepted Papers

Shape-Shifting Materials for Programmable Structures

John Amend and Hod Lipson (Cornell University)

Ambient Assistive Home Environments

Martin Becker (Fraunhofer Institute)

Prototypes for Non-standard and Interactive Architecture

Henriette H. Bier and Marcus Chaidez (Delft Univ. of Technology)

Notes on Habitat-scale Robotics and its Constraints

Benjamin Bratton (University of California, San Diego)

Floor, Come and Embrace Me!

Ellen Yi-Luen Do (Georgia Institute of Technology)

The End of Robotics in Architecture (As We Almost Got to Know It)

Michael Fox (Cal Poly Pomona; Fox Lin, LA)

The Future of Collaboration: Two Cases on the Design of Architectural Robotics

Henrique Houayek and Paul Yanik (Clemson University)

ADIC Solar Responsive Facade 2009

Abdulmajid Karanouh, Aedas Architects , and John Lyle (Arup, London)

Challenges in Modular Spatial Robots

Miles Robert Kemp (Variate Labs, LA)

Elasticity- the case for elastic materials for kinetic and responsive architecture

Omar Kahn (Univ. of Buffalo)

Brick Printing Technologies for In-Situ Smart Structure Fabrication

Jeff Lipton and Hod Lipson (Cornell University)

Smart textiles as actors and actuators of the domestic space

Aurelie Mosse (Royal Acad. of FA, Copenhagen)

Architectural Robotics: Unpacking the Humanoid

Ian Walker (Clemson University)

Making with Robunculi

Michael Philetus Weller (Carnegie Mellon University)


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Workshop 6: Workshop on Pervasive Computing Education (PerEd 2009)


Cape Cod C


William G. Griswold (UC San Diego, USA )
Scott F. Midkiff (Virginia Tech, USA )
Gregory Abowd (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA )

Accepted Papers

A Contextual Learning Game for Toddlers Installed on an Interactive Display Attached to a Shopping Cart

Gerrit Kahl (DFKI GmbH), Karin Leichtenstern (University of Augsburg), Johannes Schöning, Lübomira Spassova, Antonio Krüger (DFKI GmbH)

Ubibot - Prototyping Infrastructure for Mobile Context-Aware Computing

Erwin Vedar, W. Brian Evans, William G. Griswold (UC San Diego)

Teaching Smart Environments and Co-operative Ensembles

Sebastian Bader, Thomas Kirste, Christoph Burghardt (University of Rostock)

Introducing TU100 "My Digital Life": Ubiquitous computing in a distance learning environment

Mike Richards, John Woodthorpe (The Open University)

Public Digital Note-Taking in Lectures

Roshni Malani, William G. Griswold, Beth Simon (UC San Diego)


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