13th ACM International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing
  September 17-21, 2011
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Several hotels have been carefully selected to accommodate conference attendees. These hotels have contract rates with UbiComp 2011 as listed in the following table. The reservation forms are also offered for you to download and fill out to make a reservation. Please notice that each reservation would get a confirmation email in normal situation, otherwise please inquery via athenalauxin@hotmail.com. The hotel websites, distance to main venue and locations are also indicated for your reference, where the sequence numbers (No.) in the table are corresponding to those in the map.

We have Holiday Inn reopen for reservation now!

No. Name Category Rate(rmb) Dist. Forms Website
1 Unisplendour International 4-star 415/470 0.5km Closed www.uniscenter.com
2 Holiday Inn, Shuangqing Rd. 5-star 600 0.9km Book* www.holidayinn.com
3 Wenjin Hotel
5-star 768/868 1.0km Closed www.wenjin.com.cn
4 JinChun Garden Hotel guest house 418/468 1.0km Closed \
5 Jade Palace Hotel 5-star 550 2.9km Closed www.jadepalace.com.cn
* We have got some more rooms from Holiday Inn. Please make reservation as soon as posilbe by sending the form directly to the email addres listed inside.

View Tsinghua Hotels in a larger map


Basically there are many restaurants and regional cuisine nearby. Here is a food map near the Southeast gate of Tsinghua University which is the most close campus gate to the meeting venue, including Chinese style, Western style, vegetarian food and other international styles.

View Tsinghua Restaurants in a larger map 


Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the northeast of the city, about 30 km away from the conference site. It is very convenient to access the city from the Airport by taxi or public transportation. See guides (http://en.bcia.com.cn) for international arrival and departure passengers. There are many ways for locals and overseas visitors to get around the city, but it is recommended to take the following options:

1. Taxi

Taking a taxi is a convenient choice. Fees are charged according to the on-car-meter. Fares should be paid in RMB cash. It costs around RMB100 to get to Tsinghua University (the main venue) or the contract hotels we list above from the airport. Most taxi drivers cannot speak or understand English, so we prepare the address of the contract hotels in Chinese for you to show to drivers. They are clear enough for most Beijing taxi drivers.

Tips: Please remember only to take legal taxi with recognized logos/tags/paints in Beijing.

Unisplendour International Hotel:


JinChun Garden Hotel:


JiaSuo Hotel: (After you get off the taxi in Tsinghua University, you can find someone to ask)


Wenjin Hotel:


Holiday Inn:


Jade Palace Hotel:


2. Subway

The Beijing Subway is the fastest and most convenient means of transportation in Beijing. It serves most of the major local points of interest within the city. Here is a map on how to get to Tsinghua University by subway from the Airport Beijing International.

View Larger Map

3. Airport bus

If you are familiar with Beijing or if you know that there is a stop at the hotel where you are staying, the airport bus is an option for you to consider. Ticket price is RMB16 only and tickets are available at all stops. See details of different routes and operation hours at http://en.bcia.com.cn/traffic-manual/airport-bus.shtml.

4. Car hire or limousine service

Most hotels can arrange airport pickup and send off. You may also hire a car for a city tour. Check with your hotel concierge for information.

5. From Hotels to Venues

Most contract hotels are within walking distance to the venues except Jade Palace. Here we have a routing map between the hotels and venues.

route Map

1. Tsinghua University (The Main Gate/East Gate)
2. The Main Building (Conference Venue, Sep. 19-21; it is labeled as "Central Zhulou" in Google Maps)
3. Academy of Art & Design (Workshop/DC/Tutorial Venue, Sep. 17-18)
4. Jinchun Hotel
5. Jiasuo Hotel
6. Wenjin Hotel
7. Unisplendour Intl.
8. Holiday Inn
9. Direction to Jade Palace

If you take taxi to venues, please follow the following guides:

For events of  Sep17-18 at Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, show the following to the taxi driver:


For events of  Sep19-21 at the Main Building, Tsinghua University, show the following to the taxi driver:


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