UbiComp 2007 introduced a new instrument to promote and encourage high quality research in the area of UbiComp: The UbiComp Challenge. It is a field test intended to accelerate research, development and applicability of UbiComp technology.

Using an "eating your own dog's food" approach, the UbiComp 2007 Challenge has been seeking submissions of how to implement an audience voting system to finally determine the winner of the "Best Presentation Award" which will be given at UbiComp 2007 for the first time. The central requirement is that the proposed solution makes clever and efficient use of UbiComp technology, and can actually be implemented by the proposers before and used at the conference in September 2007.

BlueVote - A Ubiquitous Audience Voting Service

BlueVote is an audience voting service for attendees to vote for eligible artefacts. At UbiComp 2007, BlueVote is deployed for electing the best full-paper presentation.


BlueVote is an cost-efficient, easy to install, and easy to use audience voting system using ad-hoc wireless P2P technology for providing a ubiquitous voting service to an audience. In this paper, we propose the BlueVote service which runs on top of the scalable underlying BlueDragon system. The BlueDragon system was initially designed as a ubiquitous communication infrastructure to distribute information to people in mobile environments (such as events). The major design goal was to reach the highest flexibility in terms of network layout, ad-hoc availability of services and scalability. This goal is achieved by combining different wireless transmission technologies, a P2P-based communication infrastructure, and a service-oriented architecture using OSGi. Consequently, the system can be easily extended with any new service. Hence, BlueDragon seems to be also a highly appropriate candidate for the implementation of an audience voting service which we called BlueVote.

The Voting Process Details

  • Only a Bluetooth-enabled device (e.g. a mobile phone) is necessary
  • At the registration desk, every attendee is assigned a unique ID
  • During the conference sessions, images representing papers (see below) are transferred to every Bluetooth device within reach
  • Voting is done by simply sending back the according image by Bluetooth to any one of our access points (denoted as "BlueVoteXX")
  • Attendees can vote for their preferred paper presentation at most once as soon as they got that image. Votes can be cast at any time during the conference
  • The system evaluates the votes in real-time
  • The results will be presented at the closing session of UbiComp 2007

More in-depth details about BlueVote and the voting process at UbiComp 2007 can be found here.