From the 12 submitted videos, we are happy to announce that we were able to accept the following 7. Thus, acceptance rate for videos is 58 percent. The authors of accepted videos are invited to show their videos at the conference, as well as give an introduction to them within the 1-minute-madness. The video papers are published as part of the printed adjunct proceedings, which will be distributed to all conference participants.

Accepted Videos

Björn Schwerdtfeger, Mathias Kellerer, and Gudrun Klinker: "Munich Hunt: Playing cops and robbers all over Munich", 6min7sec

Marianne Graves Petersen: "Squeeze: Designing for Playful interaction with Digital Photos in the Home", 2min14sec

Alois Ferscha, Bernadette Emsenhuber, Stefan Gusenbauer, Bernhard Wally, Cornel Klein, Christoph Kuhmünch, and Jelena Mitic: "PowerSaver: Pocket-Worn Activity Tracker for Energy Management", 3min47sec

Yutaka Yanagisawa, Takuya Maekawa, and Takeshi Okadome: "s-room: A Project to Extract Contexts about Real Objects using Sensor Network", 5min47sec

Kari Torkkola, Keshu Zhang, Haifeng Li, Christopher Schreiner, Harry Zhang, Mike Gardner: "Cell phone user location learning with an application to an automatic traffic advisor system", 2min34sec

Pradeep Buddharaju, Yuichi Fujiki, Konstantinos Kazakos, Colin Puri, Ioannis Pavlidis, and James Levine: "NEAT-o-Games: Ubiquitous Game Changes Modern Sedentary Lifestyle", 6min28sec

Eric Kabisch: "Datascape: from virtual to hybrid worlds", 4min50sec