The demo session on UbiComp 2007 attracted many valuable demo submissions, 25 of which were accepted for inclusion to the program and demonstration. This year submissions are focused on context-aware and location-based services, applications of RFID, augmented visualization, sensor network and cultivation of new application domains.

Accepted Demonstrations

Self-optimizing Digital Signage Advertising
Jörg Müller, Alex Schlottmann and Antonio Krüger

Intelligent Visual Matching for Providing Context-Aware Information to Mobile Users
Jiang Gao, Mirjana Spasojevic, Matthias Jacob, Vidya Setlur, Erika Reponen, Markku Pulkkinen, Philipp Schloter and Kari Pulli

Shake well before use: two implementations for implicit context authentication
Rene Mayrhofer and Hans Gellersen

Weblog to which Daily Objects Post Entries in Sensor Networked Environment
Takuya Maekawa, Yutaka Yanagisawa, and Takeshi Okadome

Teleshadow: Shadow Lamp for Feeling Other Presence and Context
Sho Hashimoto, Shunpei Yasuda, Mariko Koizumi, and Naohito Okude

Demonstrating The Sensor Internet at Work: Locating Everyday Items Using Mobile Phones
P. Bolliger, C. Frank, W. Kellerer, M. Fahrmair and D. Ochi

TosPom:a ball-shaped camera that takes pictures while playing catch
Izumi Yagi, Mitsuyoshi Kimura, Makiko Nagao and Naohito Okude

Cell phone user location learning with an application to an automatic traffic advisor system
Kari Torkkola, Keshu Zhang, Haifeng Li, Christopher Schreiner, Harry Zhang and Mike Gardner

A Playful Toothbrush to Motivate Proper Brushing for Young Children
Yu-chen Chang, Chao-ju Huang, Jin-ling Lo and Hao-hua Chu

Shoot & Copy: Using Mobile Phones for Accessing Information on Large Displays
Sebastian Boring, Manuela Altendorfer, Gregor Broll, Otmar Hilliges and Andreas Butz

Flexible & Dynamic Device Usage based on Software Agents and Semantic Web Technologies in an Ambient Home Environment
Remi Dupuis, Jerome Pierson and Mathieu Vallee

Demonstration of a Realtime Active-Tag RFID, Java Based Indoor Localization System using Particle Filtering
Kai Wendlandt, Kosawat Sukchaya, Patrick Robertson, Mohammed Khider and Michael Angermann

Urban 3D Models: What is underneath? Handheld Augmented Reality for Subsurface Infrastructure Visualization
Gerhard Schall, Erick Mendez, Sebastian Junghanns and Dieter Schmalstieg

The Point to Discover GeoWand
Rainer Simon, Peter Fröhlich, Gerhard Obernberger and Erwin Wittowetz

Voodoosketch: Physical Interface Palettes and Sketched Controls alongside Augmented Work Surfaces
Florian Block, Michael Haller, Hans Gellersen, Carl Gutwin and Mark Billinghurst

LifeNet: an Ad-hoc Sensor Network and Wearable System to Provide Firefighters with Navigation Support
Markus Klann, Till Riedel, Hans Gellersen, Carl Fischer, Matt Oppenheim, Paul Lukowicz, Gerald Pirkl, Kai Kunze, Monty Beuster, Michael Beigl, Otto Visser and Mirco Gerling

WikEar - Automatically Generated Location-Based Audio Stories between Public City Maps
Johannes Schöning, Brent Hecht, Michael Rohs and Nicole Starosielski

Hybrid Widgets on an Interactive Tabletop
Andreas Butz, Otmar Hilliges, Lucia Terrenghi and Dominikus Baur

Nomatic: Context Aware Instant Messaging
Nicholas Noack, Xianghua Ding and Donald J. Patterson

CardioViz: Contextual Capture and Visualization for Long-term ECG Data
Alireza Sahami Shirazi, Diana Cheng, Oliver Kroell, Dagmar Kern and Albrecht Schmidt

PRECOG-Tag: Radio and Vision Integration for Secure Personal Identification and Location Detection
Kazuhiro Tooriyama, Koji Wakuyama, Hiroshi Masaoka and Nobuhiko Nishio

Data Souvenirs and Reflection in the Home
Ryan Aipperspach, Ben Hooker, Allison Woodruff and John Canny

UbiGlide: a motion-aware personal flight assistant
Pascal Bruegger, Vincenzo Pallotta and Beat Hirsbrunner

SpaceExplorer? A tool for designing ubiquitous web applications for collections of displays
Thomas Riisgaard Hansen

RelateGateways: Using Spatial Context to Identify and Interact with Pervasive Services
Carl Fischer, Hans Gellersen, Dominique Guinard, Matt Oppenheim and Sara Streng


Lately withdrawn accepted demo papers