UbiComp / ISWC 2023
Travel Grants

The organizing committee of UbiComp/ISWC 2023, is excited to offer opportunities for travel grants to those who lack the means to pay for registration or who cannot afford to travel to attend the conference.

We anticipate high demand for travel grants, and our priority is to ensure that travel grants can help us broaden participation of the historically underrepresented community in the conference by giving the opportunity to those who face financial difficulties to attend. We also plan to give out a limited number of registration fee waivers. These will be allocated based on the same criteria as the travel grants.

Please apply for funding only if you do not have other resources that you can use to support your participation, including your own institution and other possible travel grants such as ACM-W, N2Women, the Gary Marsden Travel Award, etc. Also, please also apply for the minimum amount needed to attend the conference (considering travel, hotel, and subsistence costs).

Applicants for financial support must justify their need in their application. Grants will be allocated based on consideration of the applicant’s contribution to the conference such as accepted presenter, volunteer, as well as on the importance of increasing access for populations historically underrepresented in the conference.

How to apply

Application will be rolling and should be submitted online through this form and include the following items:

  • Your C.V.
  • A statement as to why you would like to attend UbiComp/ISWC 2023 and how it will benefit your education/career, including any reference to accepted contributions
  • A statement describing your lack of financial support, and justifying your needs for the travel grant.
  • A support letter from your advisor (if you are a student)

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the organizing committee and the travel grants will be announced in batches once per month, at the end of April, end of May, end of June, and end of July 2023.

UbiComp / ISWC

Past Conferences

The ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) is the result of a merger of the two most renowned conferences in the field: Pervasive and UbiComp. While it retains the name of the latter in recognition of the visionary work of Mark Weiser, its long name reflects the dual history of the new event.

The ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computing (ISWC) discusses novel results in all aspects of wearable computing, and has been colocated with UbiComp and Pervasive since 2013.

A complete list of UbiComp, Pervasive, and ISWC past conferences is provided below.