UbiComp / ISWC 2023
JEDI Ambassadors

The UbiComp/ISWC 2023 Conference will have students and more senior researchers work with the organizing committee as JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Ambassadors to help in our goal of making UbiComp/ISWC 2023 accessible and inclusive for anyone who would like to attend.

Our commitment to JEDI could not be a reality without our dedicated JEDI Chairs Jennifer Rode (Accessibility, Gender Equity), Luis Castro (Family Initiatives), Temiloluwa Prioleau (Diversity and Inclusion), and our Broadening Participation Chair Afra Mashhadi. Together they are already working on providing comprehensive information about Accessibility in Cancun, they have implemented a number of initiatives to broaden diverse participation, and are working on family, equity, and diversity support at the conference attendees.

To assist the chairs, the JEDI Ambassadors will work on enforcing JEDI principles and local initiatives, as well as provide practical accommodations. JEDI Ambassadors will also act as a liaison to the Student Volunteers for JEDI-specific matters.

JEDI Ambassadors will be on call throughout the conference, and available for the pre-conference (Oct 8-9), and the main conference (Oct 10-12), and assist on a daily basis the JEDI and Broadening Participation Chairs.

JEDI Ambassadors for UbiComp/ISWC 2023

  • Isabel Lopez Hurtado, CICESE
  • Paith Philemon, University of Minnesota
  • Jessica Beltrán Márquez, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila
  • Qijia Shao, Columbia University
  • Mara Ulloa, Northwestern University
  • Gwangbin Kim, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
  • Robert Pettys-Baker, University of Minnesota
  • Steven Rick, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Pallabi Bhowmick, Indiana University

Please reach out to any of the JEDI Ambassadors or Chairs for any concerns, questions or arrangements related to accessibility.

Important Dates

Conference Dates:
October 8-12, 2023


UbiComp / ISWC

Past Conferences

The ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) is the result of a merger of the two most renowned conferences in the field: Pervasive and UbiComp. While it retains the name of the latter in recognition of the visionary work of Mark Weiser, its long name reflects the dual history of the new event.

The ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computing (ISWC) discusses novel results in all aspects of wearable computing, and has been colocated with UbiComp and Pervasive since 2013.

A complete list of UbiComp, Pervasive, and ISWC past conferences is provided below.