In addition to the 2-page abstract, video submissions must include a self-explanatory video that does not require the viewer to read the abstract. Videos will be judged primarily on the clarity of their presentation and the structure and quality of their content, with fancy effects being a welcome but secondary consideration. In order to be eligible, videos should not have been previously presented in any other formal video program. Videos should be uploaded together with the 2-page abstract (in PDF format) through the PCS submission system. If the video is accepted, a high-quality format, suitable for DVD production, will be required for the final version. Video submissions (i.e., the 2-page abstract plus the video) should be submitted electronically as a single ZIP file that contains both the PDF and the video file. Video submissions should not be anonymized.

Accepted video formats are MPEG1 and MPEG2, AVI file with MPEG4 (DivX codecs) and Apple QuickTime with high resolution. However, the MPEG2 format is strongly encouraged. Video submissions should be 4 to 8 minutes long and at least 320×240 in size. The video file size may not exceed 150 MB. The authors will have to grant Ubicomp 2010 the right to redistribute it freely, which means that it must not contain any material subject to copyright. Accepted videos will be shown in a separate video session. If authors have any questions regarding potential submissions, including copyright issues, please contact the Ubicomp 2010 video chairs.

Video Chairs

  • Clemens Holzmann, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • Andrew Vande Moere, University of Sydney, Australia