Call for Workshops

As UbiComp 2007 Workshop Co-Chairs, we would like to invite proposals for the workshop program of the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing. The workshops will be held on Sunday September 16th, prior to the main conference and will be located at the University of Innsbruck.

Workshops provide an opportunity to discuss and explore specific areas of ubiquitous computing research with a group of interested researchers and practitioners. Workshops may focus on any aspect of ubiquitous computing: emerging topics, established concerns, or new ideas. The goal of the workshops is to share understandings and experiences, to foster research communities, to learn from each other and to envision future directions. It is our intention to provide an UbiComp Workshops Proceedings with papers from all workshops.

Important Dates

March 15, 2007 (closed) -- Submission Deadline (workshops proposals)
April 18, 2007 -- Acceptance Notification (workshop proposals)
May 7, 2007 -- Distribution of Accepted Workshop CfPs
June 01, 2007 -- Proposed Submission Deadline (workshops position papers)
July 01, 2007 -- Proposed Acceptance Notification (workshops position papers)

(check the workshop programme for the exact deadlines of each workshop)

July 14, 2007 -- Camera-ready accepted papers
September 16, 2007 -- Workshops
September 17-19, 2006 -- UbiComp Main Conference

Proposal Content

We are soliciting proposals for workshops that provide catalysts and opportunities for discussion that go beyond the speaker/audience setup of the main conference. We will aim for a balanced workshop program avoiding overlapping themes. This applies also for the topics covered by LoCA2007 [1] which is co-located with UbiComp2007. You may refer to the UbiComp2007 scope [2] for some ideas about the possible topics that could be covered.
Organizers are expected to be active themselves in the field where they propose a workshop. Please feel free to discuss ideas for a workshop proposal by email with the workshop co-chairs [3] prior to submission. Workshop proposals should be no longer than 4 pages in LNCS conference publications format [4] and should include:

  • Name of workshop and proposed URL of site to host CfPs, program, etc.
  • An abstract-length summary (~150 words) describing the theme(s) of the workshop
  • A description of the workshop format, activities, and goals. Eg. will there be oral presentations, posters, discussion groups?
  • A list of the specific topics of interest.
  • Names, affiliations, and research interests of the organizers. We encourage having an international team of organizers from different institutions for each workshop.

You should also answer the following questions:

  • Who do you expect to attend the workshop?
  • How do you plan to attract submissions and/or participants?
  • How many participants do you expect?
  • How will you facilitate discussion among the participants?
  • What is the expected outcome of the workshop? Will there be a tangible record, beyond the UbiComp workshops proceedings?
  • How do you plan to organize the workshop (participation selection, time line, type of contributions)?
  • What is the expected agenda for the workshop?

Submitting your proposal

Please email your proposal, as a PDF attachment, directly to the Workshop Chairs [3]. Deadline for submission is March 15th 2007.

Organizersí Responsibilities

The organizers of the individual workshops are expected to:

  • Publicize the workshop with a call for participation via the Web and email
  • Encourage potential participants to submit short position papers
  • Select participants based on position papers
  • Send accept/reject decisions on position papers
  • Actively run the workshop on the designation day(s)
  • Compile a section of the accepted workshop papers for the workshops proceedings

Workshop Support

The UbiComp 2007 organizing committee will support the workshops in the following ways:

  • Announce accepted workshops via the UbiComp 2007 email distribution list
  • Publicize abstracts of workshops on the UbiComp 2007 Web site and point to individual workshop URLs
  • Provide private rooms and A/V equipment for each workshop
  • Publish the workshop papers.

Workshop Co-Chairs

Henk Muller, University of Bristol, UK
Anne Bajart, European Commission, LU
Email to the workshop co-chairs: