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Interactive Posters   

  • ANS (Autonomic Networked System) for Ubiquitous Computing
    Julie A McCann, Asher Hoskins, Gawesh Jawaheer
    Imperial College London

  • A Proposal for Context Data Markup Language
    Mitsuru Minakuchi
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

  • Supporting Mobile Context-Aware Applications throught a Modular Services Infrastructure
    Cristiano di Flora1, Stefano Russo1, Kimmo Raatikainen2, Oriana Riva2
    1Federico II University of Naples, 2University of Helsinki

  • UMBRELLA.net : exploring coincidence ad-hoc networks
    Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Katherine Moriwaki, Linda Doyle
    Trinity College Dublin

  • Visualization for Casual Debugging and System, Awareness in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment,
    Meredith Ringel Morris
    Stanford University

  • Benefits and Challenges of Tabletop Peripheral Displays
    Meredith Ringel Morris
    Stanford University

  • Ad Hoc Networking Support For Pervasive Computing
    Michael S. Thompson, William O. Plymale, Creighton T. Hager, Kevin Henderson, Scott F., Midkiff, Luiz A. DaSilva, Nathaniel J. Davis, Jahng S. Park
    Virginia Tech

  • Health Monitoring System in the Bedroom using Ubiquitous Technology
    Jong Min Choi, Kwang Suk Park
    Seoul National University,

  • The Development of a Ubiquitous Health House in South Korea
    Jin Woo Seo, Kwang Suk Park
    Seoul National University

  • Experience Summarization in a Ubiquitous Environment
    Atsushi Nakahara1, Ken Kumagai2, Yasuyuki Sumi2, Kenji Mase3
    1ATR-MIS, 2Kyoto University, 3Nagoya University

  • Medical eGadgets
    Stephen Bellis1, David Murphy1,David Harty1, John Barton1, Brendan1, O’Flynn,Kieran Delaney1, Cian O’Mathuna1, Nicholas Drossos2, Achilles Kameas2, Irene Mavrommatti2, Martin Colley3, Vic Callaghan3
    1NMRC, 2CTI, 3University of Essex

  • The Ambient Sound Shower: Experience Sharing with Ubiquitous Sensors
    Christof E. Muller1, Yasuyuki Sumi2, Kenji Mase3
    1ATR-MIS, 2Kyoto University, 3Nagoya University

  • U1Chip: Wireless Communication Module for Fast Service Discovery
    Yuichi Taguchi1, Shunsuke Saruwatari1, Hiroyuki Morikawa1, Tomonori Aoyama1, Mikio Hasegawa2, Masugi Inoue2
    1The University of Tokyo, 2National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

  • Improving the Usability of a Wearable Input Device SCURRYTM
    Byung Seok Soh, Yoon Sang Kim, and Sang-Goog Lee
    Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

  • Art, Information and Office Door Displays
    Ian Frank, Haruhide Sekifuji
    Future University

  • A Bind Control Model For Real-space Programming in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
    Takuya Kashima, Shunsuke Saruwatari, Hiroyuki Morikawa, Tomonori Aoyama
    The University of Tokyo

  • BlueTrack Imperceptible Tracking of Bluetooth Devices
    Marc Haase, Matthias Handy
    University of Rostock

  • MyPlace: Doublepersonalised views of invisible items in a ubiquitous computing environment
    David J. Carmichael, Judy Kay, Bob Kummerfeld
    University of Sydney

  • Interactive Storytelling with Captured Video
    Norman Lin1, Kenji Mase2, Yasuyuki Sumi3
    1ATR-MIS, 2Nagoya University, 3Kyoto University

  • A Framework For Ubiquitous Web Service Discovery
    Alastair Carter and Maja Vukovic
    University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

  • A File Management Architecture for Pervasive Systems
    Adam Hudson
    University of Sydney

  • HearWear: The Fashion of Environmental Noise Display
    Milena Iossifova1, Younghui Kim2
    1Independent Researcher, 2Absurdee/Missing Pixel

  • Enhanced Experience of Sport Events
    Josef Hallberg, Sara Svensson and Kåre Synnes
    Luleå University of Technology

  • Indoor Tracking using Solar Cell Powered System: Interpolation of Irradiance
    Julian Randall, Nagendra B Bharatula, Niroshan Perera, Thomas von Büren, Stijn Ossevoort, Gerhard Tröster
    ETH Zürich,

  • A Layered Structure of Human Interaction Interpretations
    Masashi Takahashi1 2 Sadanori Ito2 Yasuyuki Sumi1 2 Kiyoshi Kogure3 Kenji Mase2 3 4
    1Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, 2ATR Media Information Science Laboratories, 3ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, 4Information Technology Center, Nagoya University

  • Ubiquitous Service Discovery using TRIP
    Philip Tuddenham and Maja Vukovic
    University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

  • HeadSphere: a musical instrument for people with limited mobility
    Christine Brumback
    New York University

  • IntelliVision
    Christine Brumback1, Liubo Borrisov1, Jeffrey Galusha1, Annette D’Onorio2
    1New York University, 2The Foundling Hospital

  • Speech Interaction with Handheld Computers in the Project54 System
    Kriste Krstovski, Andrew Kun, Thomas Miller III
    University of New Hampshire

  • A Three-Tier Architecture for Location Presentation
    Christian Decker, Michael Beigl, Albert Krohn, Philip Robinson, Tobias Zimmer, Jun Ma
    TecO, University of Karlsruhe

  • Filtering Location-Based Information Based on Visibility in the Real World
    Ashwin Beeharee, Anthony Steed
    University College London

  • Socialight: A Mobile Social Networking Platform
    Daniel Melinger, Michael Sharon, Karen Bonna, Mohit SantRam
    New York University

  • Augmenting paper-based work practices
    Sara Ljungblad1, Maria Håkansson1, Lars Erik Holmquist1, Magnus Bång2, Erik Berglund2, Anders Larsson2
    1Viktoria Institute, 2Santa Anna IT Research Institute

  • Ubiquitous Monitoring Environment for Wearable and Implantable Sensors (UbiMon)
    Jason W.P. Ng, Benny P.L. Lo, Oliver Wells, Morris Sloman,Chris Toumazou, Nick Peters, Ara Darzi, and Guan-Zhong Yang
    Imperial College London,

  • Digital Street Game: Location-Based Game as Research Probe
    Michele Chang1, Elizabeth Goodman2
    1Intel Corporation, 2confectious design

  • User Customization of Three-Pixel Displays
    Peter Tarasewich1, Christopher S. Campbel2
    1Northeastern University, 2IBM Almaden Research Center

  • The boundaries of ubiquity
    Wendy March1, Tony Salvador1, Steve Barile1, Saddam Khattak1, John Sherry1, Anne P. McClard2
    1Intel Corporation 2blue.zebu

  • u-Texture: A Self-Organizable Material for Building Smart Furniture
    Masao Ideuchi, Daisuke Maruyama, Tomokazu Murakami, Naohiko Kohtake, Jin Nakazawa, Kazunori Takashio, Hideyuki Tokuda
    Keio University

  • InteractionScope: Non-fixed Wearable Positioning for Location-aware System
    Sadanori Ito1, Shoichiro Iwasawa1, Yasuyuki Sumi1 2, and Kenji Mase1 3 4
    1ATR Media Information Science Laboratories, 2Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, 3Information Technology Center, Nagoya University, 4ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories

  • 3-D Representation of Video Sequences Acquired from Ubiquitous Sensor Environment
    Shoichiro Iwasawa1, Yusuke Otaka1 2, Yasuyuki Sumi1 2, Sadanori Ito1, Kenji Mase1 3
    1ATR Media Information Science Laboratories, 2Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, 3Information Technology Center, Nagoya University

  • Smart Vacuum Cleaner - An Autonomous Location-Aware Cleaning Device
    Svetlana Domnitcheva
    Institute for Pervasive Computing Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich
  • Applying Logistic Regression for Activity Recognition
    Fahd Al-Bin-Ali1, Nigel Davies2
    1University of Arizona, 2Lancaster University
  • Factors In Designing Effective Ambient Displays
    Johanna Brewer
    Boston University
  • Open Window: Reducing Isolation for Patients
    Cian Cullinan1, Stefan Agamanolis1, Denis Roche2, Fran Hegarty3
    1Media Lab Europe, 24th Promise Productions, 3St James Hospital
  • A System for Radio Tracking of Team-Sports Players
    Lukas Kencl1, Marcelo Pias1, Steve Pennock2, Alan Bramley2, David Kerwin2, Peter Shepherd2, Grant Trewartha2
    1Intel Research Cambridge, 2University of Bath
  • Mobile Data Transport Enabling Purpose-Oriented/ Mobile Data Recharging in Rural and Remote Areas
    Christopher Lueg and Omer Mahmood
    Charles Darwin University
  • Putting Systems into Place: A Study of Design Requirements for Location-Aware Community Systems
    Samer Karam1, Sukeshini A. Grandhi1, Quentin Jones1, Loren Terveen2 and Steve Whittaker3
    1New Jersey Institute of Technology , 2University of Minnesota
    , 3University of Sheffield