As part of our JEDI Initiatives, we are happy to announce that UbiComp/ISWC 2023 will have dedicated space for families in our Family room, and a separate set of Sensory Rooms where people can unwind, relax and take a break.

The Family Room will feature spaces for breast feeding, changing babies, as well as space to hangout for kids who are going to attend with attendees. Sessions from the main conference will be streamed in the room, so that attendees needing to leave the main session can still follow the program. We are also considering having dedicated supervision / nanny services in the room.

The Sensory Rooms will be divided in 3 spaces – the Silent, Quiet, and Chill rooms, and will all feature different sensory experience with low lighting, and relaxing music, lounge-style ambience, and light drinks and food for people who need to take a break from the madness of the conference.

More details for both the Family Room and the Sensory Rooms will be released soon. For more information please reach out to our JEDI chairs at