UbiComp 2013 General Co-ChairWe just got our latest delivery of UbiComp 2013 promotion materials! We will be sending them out to organizing committee members over the next few days – hopefully they’ll soon find their way to your door/fridge/bookshelf 🙂

PS: If you want to help us spread the word, drop me a line!


The new bookmarksOur first two batches of bookmarks have long since gone, so it was time to re-print. This time, we slightly refreshed the design (thanks to Marco Pasch, our Design Chair!) and added QR-code links to our social media pages. See the gallery below!


Clings to any surface!New in our arsenal of promo-items are self-adhesive mini-posters (A5)! They are transparent and will cling to just about any surface using static electric charge. Of course, you can just as easily remove them without a trace (why would you, though?)… [Not a valid template]