UbiComp 2013 PC Co-ChairAs we described in our interview last week, we are soliciting three fundamental types of contributions at UbiComp 2013. Read on for a short summary of those types, and answer our quick poll of what type of UbiComp research you like to do!

The three contribution types are as follows (obviously, these contribution types should concern topics of interest to the UbiComp community):


Explorative contributions are meant to inspire. They might show less academic rigour (e.g., only a small-scale or short-term validation) yet demonstrate a potentially game changing new idea. These might also be “one-off” deployments in very specific settings that are potentially hard to reproduce by others, yet that offer intriguing ideas.


Building contributions are characterized by the considerable amount of work they involve (e.g., coding and systems work, or large and/or long-term deployments). Ideally, they offer community re-use through public code repositories and/or extensive deployment materials (e.g., checklists, validated design guidelines). While much of what went into them may to some extent be “just engineering”, they offer unprecedented “real-world” insights and ideally a direct path to re-use by others.


Refinement contributions offer concrete improvements of existing work, as it is typical in more established disciplines, where a few main algorithms are constantly tested and revised. While such refinements might warrant a shorter submission size, it’s not the page number that is their defining characteristic. This contribution type aims at establishing foundational algorithms and approaches through careful refinement that is commensurate with an established research discipline.

Which one of these do you like doing most? Answer (and then view the results of) our quick poll right below:

What's your UbiComp type?