UbiComp 2013 Social Media ChairI managed to get some friendly advice from our Local Arrangement Committee as to what else is happening in Zurich during UbiComp 2013. A lot! So if you are in town early or are able to stay for a bit after the conference, or if you are only attending the Workshops on Sunday but not on Monday, be sure to check out some of the events below!

  1. European Women’s Volleyball Championship 2013
  2. Knabenschiessen
    • Information only available in German
    • One of the biggest folk festivals in Zurich (it’s the reason for the public holiday on Monday 9th)
    • Basically a kid’s shooting contest + fair
    • www.knabenschiessen.ch
  3. Qin, Bernisches Historisches Museum
    • A bit futher away (in Bern, 50min. by train) but worth it, unless you already saw the “real thing” in Xi’an
    • http://www.qin.ch/en/
  4. “Summer-Brunch-Ship”
  5. International Music Festival for the Advancement of Young Soloists, Orpheum Zurich
  6. Swiss National Museum
  7. Special Exhibition “Sacrée Science!”
  8. Circus Monti 2013, “popUp!”