UbiComp 2013 Social Media ChairOne of the newest members of Friedemann Matterns group is Leyna Sadamori – he joined just about 6 months ago. Leyna studied electrical engineering at TU Darmstadt and did his Master thesis in Silvia Santini’s group on “Automatic Classification of Private Households Using Electricity Consumption Data.”

Leyna, could you briefly tell us what your responsibilities for UbiComp 2013 are?

[Leyna Sadamori - Workshops]I am responsible for setting up the workshop venue(s), i.e. making room reservations, preparing technical equipment and most importantly, taking care of the catering. I am also the local contact person to the workshop organizers so that their individual requirements can be met as far as possible.

The workshops will not be held at the main conference site?

[Leyna Sadamori - Workshops]Indeed, we decided to have the workshops at ETH’s downtown campus – this is the same building where our offices are, so it’s much easier to organize. The downtown venue also has many mid-sized lecture rooms – ideal for the 19 (!) workshops we will be hosting on both Sunday and Monday. As a result, I do take care of a much wider range of tasks – pretty much everything that’s related to the workshops.

How are things working out so far?

[Leyna Sadamori - Workshops]I think the bulk of the work is still ahead of me 😉 I am sure that communicating with the various workshop organizers in order to meet all their individual requirements will be most challenging. I am already starting to get more and more emails about this, as workshop organizers start to plan their workshops in more detail. I also tried hard to find the optimal solution for catering. We have several on-campus caterers here at our downtown venue, so I did “shop around” a lot in order to organize the best food options while keeping the prices at a reasonable level – I’m sure you heard that this is quite a challenge in Switzerland (laughs).

I sure did 🙂 How about your plans for your PhD? You’ve only been here 6 months, but have you already started working out some research ideas?

[Leyna Sadamori - Workshops]I already spent my first semester with plenty of TA-ing, though the term fortunately finished more than a month ago, giving me the needed time to help organize the conference. Unfortunately, classes will start again right after the UbiComp, which means that I will soon have to start preparing again. As for my research: my interests are in the area of “cyber-physical systems”, but I’m really only at the beginning. Christian already mentioned the BuildSys 2012 and e-Energy 2013 papers that we wrote together, so this is more or less the general direction I want to work in. However, I think the conference will be a great opportunity for me to get inspired by good ideas, so I can make a step further in my research.

I’m sure you can find plenty of inspiration in this year’s program – with over 100 paper presentations to choose from at the conference! Thanks for the interview!