UbiComp 2013 Social Media ChairAfter last week’s look behind the scenes of UbiComp finances (kudos to Silvia for that lucid explanation of where our money actually goes!) we continue our backstage tour with a set of interviews – spread out over the next weeks – that involve the local arrangement team, i.e., the people who actually make this conference “work”.

As you may have noticed in Silvia’s budget discussion (because there wasn’t any large item for this in the budget!), UbiComp does not have a professional conference organization company behind it. As many other academic conferences, it is entirely organized by volunteers, including the local arrangement team. This year, however, the size of the conference (we received over 500 registrations already) certainly makes this more challenging than ever!

Almost all of the local arrangements are done by PhD students and staff in the group of the General Co-Chair, Prof. Friedemann Mattern. Over the next few weeks, we will run a couple of interviews with them in order to give you a few more insights into what it takes to run a conference the scale of UbiComp 2013!

I will kick this off shortly with my next post that interviews Wilhelm (Will) Kleiminger, who is handling registrations and Visa requests. Enjoy!