UbiComp 2013 PC Co-ChairWe just pulled the trigger and sent 394 emails to the authors of all UbiComp 2013 submissions! After more than 5 weeks of reviewing and 2 days of intense discussions at the PC Meeting in Paris, the 75 members of the Program Committee selected 71 submissions for acceptance (conditional upon addressing various issues identified in the reviews). This is about 18% of the total number of submissions!

Out of the 324 rejected submissions, the Program Committee further extended 34 invitations (8.6% of the total submissions) for a “revise and resubmit” to papers that had some significant flaws, but which the committee felt could be successfully revised with explicit clarifications, a more focused discussion, or even a small, targeted experiment.  We talked about the revise and resubmit process before (see our original blog post): it is meant to give a “second chance” to potentially great papers that we otherwise would had to reject.

The Program Committee was very careful in extending those invitations, so we do hope that the majority of those submissions will get in during the re-evaluation. However, we will have to wait until June 16 (the notification deadline for those re-submitted papers) until we know how many papers will ultimately be presented in September. Note that these “revise and resubmit” are invitations, i.e., authors are of course free to not take our offer and instead re-submit their work elsewhere.

At this time, we really like to thank the well over 300 external experts who provided additional reviews in this process, as well as the 75 PC members who not only wrote over 1200 reviews, but also travelled all the way to Paris (some from far-away places like Australia, California, or Taiwan!) and spent two full days discussing over 200 individual papers!! The effort spent by all these individuals is what makes this community so great!

So when you come to Zurich in September and you run into any of these people, make sure to stop for a quick “Thank you!” 🙂