UbiComp 2013 PC Co-ChairDear UbiComp community, thank you so much for all your hard work in preparing your UbiComp 2013 submissions. Thanks to you, we have a record number of submissions this year: 89 Notes and 305 Full Papers, for a total of 394 submissions!

Given that the two premier events in the field – Pervasive and Ubicomp – have merged into a single conference, we were certainly expecting (hoping for?) higher submission numbers this year. However, as our community had two publishing opportunities in a year (Pervasive in spring and Ubicomp in the fall) we were not sure in how much of the total publications a single event would be able to capture. Turns out we did quite well 🙂

Here is a small table listing the combined number of submissions for the two conferences in the last 9 years:

2012439Ubicomp'12, Pervasive'12
2011395Ubicomp'11, Pervasive'11
2010359Ubicomp'10, Pervasive'10
2009398Ubicomp'09, Pervasive'09
2008340Ubicomp'08, Pervasive'08
2007282Ubicomp'07, Pervasive'07
2006410Ubicomp'06, Pervasive'06
2005360Ubicomp'05, Pervasive'05
2004357Ubicomp'04, Pervasive'04

On average, we had 371 submissions per year, which means that our new joint even successfully managed to capture the collective mindshare of both founding conferences! Yay!

Thank you all again for your support of the new joint conference!

Now back to work assigning those reviews 🙂