UbiComp 2013 Social Media ChairThe UbiComp Program Chairs just opened up the submission page last Friday, so I decided to take this opportunity to interview one of the PC Chairs, Marc Langheinrich, for the “low-down” on the process. We published part #1 of the interview on Sunday, where Marc explained the new “build your ideal reviewer” keyword selection process. In this part, we talk some more about the “supplemental material” that one can submit in addition to the actual Full Paper or Note.

I noticed in the call the section on “Multi-Presentation Format.” Can you explain how this would work on the submission form?

UbiComp 2013 PC Co-Chair

Certainly. The motivation behind the multi-presentation format is to give authors more “face time” with conference attendees. If you have a Full Paper or Note, we additional encourage you to consider presenting your work also as a demo, a poster, or through a video, e.g., of the prototype being used in a real environment. The submission form asks authors to already indicate whether they would want to make use of this. There is a section called “Multi-presentation Opportunity” where you can check which of the three potential additional venues – Demo presentation, Video sketch, or Poster presentation – you would be interested in making use of.

Do I already need to have a poster or video ready by then, too?

UbiComp 2013 PC Co-ChairNo, you can simply express your interest in these, you do not actually need to have a poster or demo description ready at this time. However, if you do already have some materials – even preliminary – you can upload them as “Optional Supporting Files”. Just make sure that these optional files are anonymized, just as your main submission must be! But again: not having those files is no deal-breaker. Submissions will not be penalized for not having supporting files. Instead, you should view these as additional opportunities that you can take advantage of when presenting your submission to reviewers.

What if I am not sure yet – should I check the box or not? Is it going to be a problem if I end up not having a demo even though I checked the box under “Multi-presentation format”? Or if I decide later on that I would like to give one, but I forgot to check the box when I submitted my Full Paper?

UbiComp 2013 PC Co-ChairIt is of course no problem to do this after your submission actually got accepted. Nor will we hold you accountable later when you are unable to support a multi-presentation format for your accepted paper. However, as ticking any of these boxes does not improve your chances for acceptance, we would of course prefer it if you only click on those formats that you would be able and willing to do. The idea of having this question on the submission form is more about planting this idea in your head early enough. If we tell people only after the final notifications went out, there might not be enough time to prepare a demo or a video. This way, people hopefully take notice and start planning for additional presentation formats right after they submitted their Full Paper or Note!

Clever thinking indeed. And hopefully reading this interview will help with this, too!

We will continue with our last part of the interview tomorrow!